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Monster Hunter 2dos Alternative A+ (English Version)

Subsequently I upgraded the 'alternative' version in the 'alternative+'.
This new version contains all the HR Quests including HR Practice, HR Arena, some Elder Dragons' 4 stars Quests and the Yian Garuga.
With this improvement is possible to unlock quite all the armors and their upgrades, since all the high ranked items are available.
No HR is required to play the game, simply pick at the Bar all the HR Quests you want, they replace quite entirely and symmetrically the original offline Quests.
Still, to craft Online Weapons the Guild Registry Code is needed, you have to put it in with the Codebreaker or eventually with the Chinese Hack.
1. Using Codebreaker:
Search in the web for a PS2 Codebreaker, burn it on a CD or DVD depending on its size and create your Monster Hunter Dos file entering these 2 codes:
Mastercode: F0100208 0000000E
Guild Registry Code: 005D7186 00000001
Save and activate them, then swap with the DVD of the game. If you did all correctly you'll see in your status window HR: 1.
2. Using Chinese Hack:
You can download it here, open it with 7-Zip or WinRAR;  refer to Gamefaq on the Monster Hunter Dos board how using it.

In both the ways, once you have saved the game, your HR will be permanent and there won't be the need to do all these processes again.

About the game, rely on the slides below to see some example of what this patch does.

game monster hunter dengan patch yang kedua, penambahan di sana - sini, silakan di liat ya....
untuk memainkan game ini secara maksimal, perlu dengan codebreaker, code nya sudah ada di atas tuh....

Harga Rp 20.000

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